Different lenses allow you to adjust the size of the marking area.



100mm F-Theta Focusing Lens
  • 60 x 60mm 2.4X2.4" marking area 
  • 85mm 3.4" Diameter circular marking area
  • 30µm spot size   
163mm F-Theta Focusing Lens
  • 100 x 100mm 4X4" marking area
  • 141mm 5.6" Diameter circular marking area
  • 49µm spot size   
254mm F-Theta Focusing Lens
  • 150 x 150mm 6X6" marking area   
  • 212mm 8.3" Diameter circular marking area
  • 76µm spot size
330mm F-Theta Focusing Lens
  • 200 x 200mm 7.9X7.9" square marking area
  • 283mm 11" Diameter circular marking area
  • 99µm spot size  
420mm F-Theta Focusing Lens
  • 254 x 254mm 10X10" square marking area
  • 358mm 14" Diameter circular marking area
  • 126µm spot size

Rotary Chuck Engraving System


Many round and cylindrical parts can be marked with the system as supplied, a rotary chuck will improve marking efficiency.
• Inside and Outside Marking Cylinders
• Excellent for Rings and Jewlery
• Light-Duty Rotary Chuck Assembly
• Servo Driven Indexing Device for Radial Marking Applications
• RS232 Serial Port Communication for Simple Marking Setup
• RMI Laser SymbolWriter Pro Software
• Tilting Capabilities for Marking on the Inside and Outside of Work Pieces
• Three-Jaw Chuck Design Allows for Manual Clamping on the Inside and Outside of the Work Piece

 Laser Safety Goggles


Certified safety goggles ensure operator safety. Two Pair are included with every system.

 Sliding Door Class One Safety Enclosures



 Tall Class One Safety Enclosures



 Z Axis Linear Stand


  • 15" x 15" base plate

  • Z Axis adjustment from the top

  • Vertical aluminum 20" column
    (12" travel)

  • Position guides with lock down handle

Z-Axis Fixturing Stand

Fixturing pin kits available.