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RMI-Laser-Staff-Group-PhotoFounded in 1998, RMI Laser, LLC was the first to commercialize the highly efficient Nd:YVO4 technology. We have over thousands of system sold in over a dozen countries for last 12+ years.  

Our product spectrums include Nd:YVO4, Nd:YAG, and latest fiber laser. The newest UF-20 fiber laser marking system is the culmination of years of development based upon our previous technologies and experiences. So you can easily select the optimal laser marker for your application from our broad product range; UM-1, U-10, U-15, UF-20, U-5G, etc.


RMI Laser has various models of 1064nm and 532nm laser marking systems as well as laser source/platform products in our laser product line. U, UF, and UM series laser markers (U-10, U-15, U-5G, UF-20, and UM-1, etc) are current flagship model line-up. The UM-1 is the reasonable price precision laser marker which was officially release on July 2008 and priced less than US$20,000. We will introduce more powerful YVO4 based new model (U-20) laser marking system very soon.


We are the first commercial YVO4 laser marking system manufacturer in the world.  The YVO4 has lots of benefits rather than other technologies

Our laser marking systems can be applied to any industries which need marking/engraving. Major customers are in hardware (such as tool, automobile, etc), military, semiconductor, medical industries, jewelry, and so on, but there is no limit to apply our marking system. Laser marking is a non-contact and permanent marking/engraving method on metal, plastic, glass, rubber, jewelry, and so on. Photograph marking is also one of our laser marking systems' famous and powerful features.


RMI Laser's 90,000 square foot headquarters houses not only our state-of-the-art production facility; it is also home to an in-house staff of engineers and scientists dedicated to assisting and supporting you in every aspect of DPSS Laser System Design and Integration. By applying over 50 years of experience in solving some of the world's toughest Photonics problems, we turn optical, mechanical, electronic and software design challenges into your ideal custom solutions.

Full In-House Manufacturing  of Lasers & Systems


Full In-House Quality Control & Testing


RMI laser marking systems - labolatoryOptical and Laser Design


An internationally recognized leader in the design and manufacture of precision optics, thin-film optical coatings and assemblies, RMI is now making available its in-house capabilities to assist you in designing optical systems for inclusion in DPSS laser sources.  


Mechanical Design 

Our technical experts, scientists and mechanical engineers have extensive experience designing machined parts and precision assemblies used in the manufacture of our OEM laser-based equipment and for use in a wide range of photonics applications. 


Electronic Design


Members of our electrical engineering department were involved in circuit and electromechanical design for many years before we started building lasers. Let them assist you in resolving your electromechanical and circuit design issues. 


Software & Firmware Design


Along with their mission to constantly upgrade and improve our software and firmware, our software engineers and programmers are committed to helping you get the most out of the software you’re currently using or supplying to your customers.  


Integration Support

RMI Laser’s experience in providing answers to integration questions enables us to furnish you not only with a solution, but the optimum solution to your integration problem. Whether it’s the incorporation of a DPSS laser system into an assembly line, or the incorporation of an OEM laser source into a piece of standalone equipment, the compact size and ease of integration of our products, along with our in-house expertise is guaranteed to produce a winning design. 

 Brief History of RMI


• 2010 - RMI Laser U.K. is formed (Laser sales and service).

• 2010 - RMI Laser Germany is formed (Laser sales and service).
• 2008 - RMI Infrared is formed (ZnSe manufacturing by CVD).

• 2007 - RMI Laser Europe/Poland is formed (Laser sales and service).
• 2006 - Acquired Octand in Russia for ZnSe manufacturing and technology.
• 2006 - RMI-Europe is formed (Optics sales).
• 2004 - RMI-Japan is formed (Laser sales and service).
• 2003 - RMI-Korea is formed (Laser sales/service and R&D).
• 2000 - MOS (Millennium Optical Systems) is formed in Korea. (Mass production of precision optical devices and coatings).
• 1998 - RMI Laser, LLC is formed (Laser platforms & marking systems).
• 1995 - Optic Penta is formed in Moscow to leverage strong Russian technology base.
• 1983 - RMI is acquired by Dr. Yubong Hahn (Precision optics & coatings).
• 1957 - Rocky Mountain Instrument is founded